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The Ascension Intention Meditation

The following meditations comes from Phoenix Rising Star, published here in the Spirit of Maat with more information. It can also be found on her site here, as well a pdf and recondings.

 I was really frustrated.
(Some of my best inspiration happens when I’m frustrated. I guess it pushes me to think outside the box.)

I was frustrated with the business practices of several organizations purporting to be from the heart, supposedly empowering individuals and offering affordable opportunities to all.
That’s what they claimed they were doing.
That’s not how I saw it.
I saw individuals creating opportunities for their personal aggrandizement, negating others within the organization.
I saw businesses creating opportunities for disempowerment, by making sure people were dependent on their practices.
I saw opportunities that were not affordable by many.
And I was frustrated.

I really feel there has to be a better way for business to thrive and still honor the individual.

I asked the angels for help.
I decided the best way to help all individuals was through healing.
I asked for a healing modality that anyone could use.
Without a lot of prior experience.
A healing modality that would actually work for everyone’s highest good and healing.
I asked for it to be so empowering, that individuals could do this on their own and not have to continue taking excess training.
I asked for it to be affordable.
I asked for ease and grace with it, taking the trauma away from healing.
And then I let go of what I asked for.
This or something better.

I found myself meditating on the combination of the power of the creator, prayer and heart-felt intention.
Spontaneously, I said aloud, “I call the name of YHWH into every one of my cells and the spaces between my cells.”
Almost instantly I felt healing.

Slowly I realized what had happened. The ancient name of God, YHWH, pronounced Yah-weh, had pushed out any cellular memory imprints (CMI’s) in my cells that weren’t in alignment with the divine name. Rather than having a void (the universe abhors a void and will seek to fill it as quickly as possible), the resulting space from the departed CMI’s was filled with the name of God.
Producing relief and healing.

I figured there was a bit more to it, but I knew I was onto something.

First, I began playing with different names of the divine to see if the vibrations of different names produced different results.

Sometimes the results were very subtle; sometimes not so subtle. I learned that I might choose to use a divine name, and another one might come in instead – for my highest good and healing. Always I felt, or experienced, improvement on some level.

Next, I came to some conclusions about cellular memory imprints or CMI’s. CMI’s come from all our experiences. Good ones don’t get in our way. Negative ones, if we hold onto them, do.

1. Cellular memory imprints (CMI’s) can create dis-ease, dis-satisfaction, and dis-order (chaos).
2. CMI’s can be healed without reliving trauma.
3. CMI’s can be healed and replaced with a better or higher frequency to promote intention.
4. CMI’s can be healed through our connection to the divine.

I played with the power of intention or focus for healing. Focusing on the positive outcome, creates a positive path for energy to follow. I found power in the word choose vs. the word want. I remembered to ask for grace and ease.

Last, I utilized the gifts of love and gratitude for the foundation for this healing.

And I let go of attachment to the outcome.

For the full information on this meditation, visit Phoenix’s Ascension Intention site.

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Path of the Guru

If you follow the path of a guru, avatar or savior understand that you are entering into his/her heaven, her/his vibratory attainment, and by necessity you enter also into his/her limitations in consciousness.

—author unknown

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From The Last Hope on Earth

This is a quote from Peter Calhoun’s ebook The Last Hope on Earth. He has also written Soul on Fire, and another ebook is just available, Life Without Limits.

 Intention and perception are the twin powers that will open you up to a new way of being.
To “need” something repels it or pushes it away. To “try” to make something happen can be very
“trying,” using up valuable energy. Instead of being needy, let it be the heart’s desire that
“attracts.” Sometimes great effort is not what is needed. On a lower level, some things can be
achieved through great effort. But as one advances non-effort is more powerful. Meditate on the
Buddhist idea of the “effortless effort.” “Being” nearly always trumps “doing.”

If you could rule the world for a day

 Liz Francis is our guest poster today. She is a very talented artist from Tasmania, Australia. Welcome, Liz!


If you could rule the world for a day, what would you do?

Today is the day.

It is the day that I have been working towards for some time, and now it has arrived. I gulp. This is my opportunity to lead a change to the earth and her people, to help bring more understanding and acceptance to all of earth’s creatures.

I had wondered about bringing a rule that everyone should walk barefoot on the earth, but then I knew that a lot of the people of poor countries already did this.

Then I thought that maybe people could try harder to use recycled clothing, and food that was being thrown out, yet was still within its useable date, and again I knew that a lot of people already were doing this, due to not having enough money to buy clothes and food.

Even my granddaughter only wore second hand clothes and collected food from the supermarket dumpsters, to try and save the waste of food that was happening.

So many people quite unwittingly were saving earth’s resources and living gently on its surface.

But for the other people who abused the earth’s resources, abused other people who did not conform to their ideas of religion or way of life, what could I do, just one person? Who could I call on to help with this insurmountable problem of bringing people together in peace and harmony.

I know that the word peace has been bantered around for years by so-called do-gooders or maybe just by dreamers, to no avail. Even the power of the Dalai Llama calling on all people to live in harmony and to love each other did not resolve a worldwide respect between peoples of different races and religious beliefs.

Of course the first thing that anyone needs to know about trying to bring about peace, is that you need to have peace within before you can share it with anyone else, so the place to start is with yourself. Once you have found peace within then it can flow out to other people and to the earth and the animals.

Likewise it is with love. To really love you can’t choose to give love to some and not to others. You need to develop the ability to show love to all things, and you can’t expect others to share their love, if you cannot do it also. So again it needs to start with yourself.

You cannot change ‘out there’. You need to change within yourself first.

So, as I had said earlier, who can I call on to help change the attitudes of the people, and also to help change the weather patterns and the earth’s behaviour too?

I knew that at dusk, the time when there is a pause between the inbreathing and the out breathing of the earth it is a time of power and sensitivity to the inner planes, and so this is when I would start, and who I would call on would be the elements and the elementals of the earth.

I sat on the ground, took up my living drum and joined the heartbeat of the earth with my own regular drumming until I felt surrounded by the energy of those whom I could not see.

Political pressure and environmental activism had done nothing to save our forests, to help stop the bloodshed, the poverty, or the disasters that we saw around the world every day, so now it was time to call on a spiritual strength to guide the future of the world.

A peal of thunder was heard in the distance, a flash of lightning, and soft gentle drops of rain were felt. The energy in the air cracked and sparked, and I knew that I was being listened to and helped.

The communication with the elements was also to help open people’s hearts, so that everyone could change their attitude towards others, and be left with a feeling of respect, so that each person was helped on their journey through life, and able to make more appropriate and honest decisions.

As the thunder passed further away I could feel a calmness filling the air and I felt at peace. I knew that I had done all that was in my power in serving the earth and its people, and I felt assured that the world would increasingly become a better place to live.