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Ancient Shaman

4/Jan/2008 21:22
Several nites ago, sitting in the shed, I began writing and received the following meditation. I realized later it seems to be a derivative on a rewrite that Grandfather did for me last year.

Stand with feet on the ground, head in the air. [Think as if you are one of the first shaman, receiving instructions on how to live on this planet. The instruction is like a library...think of a subject, and there is a book for that subject.] Inhale a breath and hold it, knowing that you are breathing in every aspect of this world. Identify one object that you inhaled. This “object” can be taken as a sign, or it can be concentrated on to pull forth more information about it.

In the original rewrite, the first shaman went into a dark nite, and planted their feet on the ground. For hours [?] they received information on how to deal with this world… apparently this was a powerful experience.

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