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Pathways to….?

5 Oct 08

When I came across the information that one can create new pathways in the brain via thinking in new ways, and doing daily events in different ways, it didn’t occur to me that one might need to pay a bit more attention to what one is actually doing.

As I was preparing to shave one day, I realized I’ve always shaved the right side of my face first, then the left. So, right… now I would do it in reverse. I did shave the left side first, thinking about how it felt. The process, other than the starting point, still felt normal. I finished and went about my work. After noon I went into town for groceries, then went to my local coffee bar… where the barrista asked if I was making a statement. “I am the statement,” was my reply…to which she looked confused.

I sat down to think about that event… but it wasn’t until I absently passed my hand over my face that I realized I had shaved the left side of my face…and finished there, also, as usual……..

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