Discoveries on my paths to an expanded awareness...

Life Under A Golden Sky

I am an alien tree, growing under an alien sun. The little flying creatures nest in my limbs. They are at home here, bringing me news of their travels. Into the cliff my tendrils explore, learning the ways of stone and chemistry. That which may be called my leaves are also my communicators, playing with the breezes, giving and receiving. Local creatures stop by with news to exchange. I am home.

No others like me live near… by nature we are solitary. Yet we are a family, aware of the generations that lived before us, altho we do not view time as linear as much as malleable. Within us is present the learned knowledge of all our generations, back to when we first incarnated on our wonderful planet.

We have no need for mobility, for in all other ways we are indeed mobile.

In entwining our lives with the life of this planet, we nurture her as she nurtures us. Together we evolve in our experiences of beingness.

She and we are also entwined with the universes…our energies co-mingle. We know the universes as they know us, for All That Is is all the same energy, with the same source. We simply explore it’s uses differently.

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