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Silent Talk

[The following I wrote a la automatic writing, ie, just what comes to mind. It concerns working with Arrow, my pooch and buddy, who is with me virtually 24 hours a day.]

“It is quite within the realm of possibilities that speaking with Arrow telepathically will become as clear to you, and as distinct as speaking vocally is at present. He is quite willing for this to happen, as you have done in other lifetimes.

“You can work on this by calling for his attention when he is doing something else, first whilst he is alert…not sleeping.

“He is already generally always aware of you, but has learned to act\react to vocal cues. It will not take much effort to extend into the mental\spiritual levels. Work with the “sit” suggestion when he has your full attention as he vocally knows that, as well as the nonvocal message when you give it.

“Because he is aware of concurrent\past lifetimes, he is aware of those he shares with you. These concurrent\past experiences already have an effect on his interactions with you…so he is somewhat “trained” in a sense.

“This will be a refining for him and you alike. The more you persist with this, the more aligned the both of you become. Allow this ‘new’ learning to become a consistent\persistent part of your play\day, and this indeed you will look back in awe on.

“Call him mentally from a distance when you return to the truck and he does not see you…and even when he does see you for reinforcement.

“You are aware of his learn rate…this initially may take a bit longer. Find joy in this and he will also. Once you get this pattern established make it a habit to find new ways of interaction.

“You will find him a willing participant as he already shares more with you than you are currently aware of.”

29 Dec 08  That was an interesting day. Four different times I mentally requested he “sit” and each time he did, within 30 seconds. I also asked him verbally to toss the toy he was playing with to me, and he did. Then “Smooch Kat” and he did…both instantly. Neither one had we done before….

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