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Gathering Energy

The Universe-Nature-provides many forms of usable energy within our world; these are available to those who choose to harvest this inexhaustible supply.

This harvesting has normally been done on a more or less unconscious level… who has not enjoyed the pleasurable experience of waves breaking on a beach, stood in wonder at the foot of a mountain range, walked a forest path cloaked in the many shades of nature, felt the energy of change at a thunderstorm, or walked the immensity of desert lands?

All of these radiate their own individualized energy, and with consciousness and intent, we can draw that energy into ourselves… to a much greater degree than merely doing so unconsciously.

I’ve found this energy can be directed; such as to specific areas of the body that could use healing, or to someone you love or care for. It can even be directed to knotty problems of the mind. These problems, I’ve found, come to be cast in a far simpler light or perspective when I’ve let this collected energy flow over them.

Additionally, the more one works with these energies, the more effective they seem to become.

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