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The Creation of God

Intrinsically man recognizes his relationship with a Source; whether his is conscious of it or not… that relationship as an active communication seems long lost.

In its stead man seems to establish a god as God, made after mans image. In this process mankind selects what attributes he wants this god to display.

Those who enjoy the thrill of fear instill their god with attributes that invoke fear in themselves.

Those who are ready to accept full responsibility for themselves and their actions establish a god who commands… an authoritarian figure; someone who will direct and\or intercede for them.

To me these seem to be two basic ways most of western civilization\religion create their God.

Yet, when one has finally touched the heart of the Source, he\she is left with the realization that the attributes of fear and authoritarianism projected onto a god figure are but human attributes …. attributes that are “merely” learning steps in drawing nearer to the Source.

When one finally touches the heart of the Source…. that touching allows all the limitations of religion and created gods to coalesce coalesce into the background of past learning experience….

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