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Developing a Creative Mind

The development of a creative mind, I find, is a relatively easy thing to achieve. Just how creative is up to the individual. It takes desire [willingness], intent, and as much time as you allow. Surprisingly, I found it is not an “intense” thing…. more of a pleasurable game to play with myself.

Once my desire was strong enough, I declared my intent to myself  ”I am very creative in the area of….”, “I get new ideas about….” You can roll your own for this…. keep it strong, definite, and in the now.

The game: This can be concentrated on a bit before going to sleep. Then watch the ideas filter in during the day. Congratulate yourself when they arrive…this is something you want to reinforce until it becomes habitual. My preferred method is to sit relaxed with my coffee, pad and pen, and jot down anything that comes concerning my subject…. it is not unusual to get 6-12 workable ideas in half an hour.

There are other methods, of course. An intense focus on a particular subject works well for some. There are probably as many variations of this as there are individuals. Feel free to email me is you would like to share your method here.

To refine a method, use it often, and don’t discard ideas that at first may seem a bit silly or beyond your abilities. Trust your self, Self, and have fun with it.

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