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Learning from Dreams

The dreaming: My mother is in the background. I dream of water, a shore, defending a child from an alligator type creature. My hands are full of child and alligator, yet I talk on the phone… was asked by an excited person to move to Las Vegas and do paintings at a casino. I very much wanted to, was very excited about it. As they were. Yet I procrastinated, not knowing what they expected of me or what my partner would say.

The Learning: I am still holding on to states of mind from my upbringing [my mother]. Water is the flow of spirit, of Creativity. Child is a potential I seek to manifest. Alligator demonstrates my desire to control, to hold onto those early states of mind. The phone call and job offer indicate the availability of miracles I could accept… if I were to unconditionally accept what the flow of Spirit and Creativity brings my way.

[Thank you Kat & Co, for help with this one.]

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