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Levitating Materials

Hans Jenny [1904-1072]

Levitation Of Materials Using Sound

Working in a field he named Cymatics, Hans Jenny induced levitation and orderly movement in various materials using the vibrations of sound. Liquids and semi-solids form dynamic moving shapes in 3 dimensions.  Powders form mandelic shapes, or, lycopodium powder [club moss] rise to swirl in a moving figure 8. Depending on the amplitude of the frequency used, the powder forms into a mound, moving from the surface inward, rising up the center of the mound, then returning down the outside.

Some of the mandelic patterns are amazingly similar to our own ancient mandalas. That makes one wonder what the ancients knew that we have largely forgotten or ignored.

That Jenny was a mystic there is no doubt. Two of his books on this subject [he wrote others] were recently combined into “Cymatics” by MACROmedia. It includes many photographs of his materials in action, although in photographs, of course, you cannot see the dynamic movement in action.

For that, MACROmedia has also published DVDs. Short clips from YouTube are here and here. [Googling Cymatics will bring up videos of others working in the field.]

The potentials this type of work holds can change the way we interact with the physical aspects of our universe . It raises a host of questions for me, including:

  • What is the relationship of the material used to the patterned formed? To the frequency? To the amplitude?
  • If the powder [or material] levitates and flows as in a figure 8, can a filter vibration be introduced that halts the flow but maintains the figure 8 shape and levitation?

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