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Perhaps since the dawn of man there have been those who have had a greater awareness of all that is. They are witness to approaching crossroads of humanity’s paths. Some speak; some do not. Some rely on intuition, some experience clairvoyance or dreams.

For some, it has not been a comfortable experience for various reasons.

A primary requisite for prophecy is clarity of being. The more one knows oneself, has developed an impartial love, and is aware of the interconnectedness of all things– the fewer filters there are that interpret or slant the information gained towards any specific direction.

Determining the “validity” of a prophecy one must take into account not only the filters thru which it come, but also choice. Choice is dynamic–every moment yields countless options, some far from the direction of the prophecy. This is as true for individuals as it is for nations or worlds.

A prophesy that “does not come true” does not necessarily indicate a “false” prophecy. It can be that the prophet tuned into an alternate reality. Or perhaps the individual[s] for whom the prophecy was given took choices which led them down different paths. Thus this apparently untrue prophecy would still be valid… in another reality.

Prophesies are simply tools. They may be useful or not… acted upon, or not. Prophecies are simply one tool in toolbox of unlimited choices as we explore all that Is.

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