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Stepping Aside

18 June 2009

For a while, working with myself was a touchy issue. I recognized that to reach the state I desired I would have to clear away the obstructing mental and emotional baggage. However determined, I was reluctant to face my fears. Gradually my intent took over. After the first few confrontations with them I realized that their power was not nearly as strong as I’d imagined.

I was working specifically on feelings then, somewhat aware of individual feelings connected to thought words… or spoken words. One day I received a gift from my soul…. perhaps an ability perfected in a different life time.

It was this: As I thought or spoke, I was aware of myself observing my thought\spoken process. It was as if I had twinned myself to an extent. This observer part of me seemed to be in a neutral observing state. This seemed to clarify the feelings associated with the words I was using. From this neutral position it became obvious if the words I was choosing indicated evasion, guilt, or untruth, and I could change the words as needed to be a more honest being. And of course it was useful to examine why those particular words set off those particular feelings. T;his worked even when in conversation with others.

For several months this ability remained quite pronounced. Today it is more subtle… or incorporated… but still available.

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