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Working with Weather

“At this point Grandfather pulls me back into his realm, where I find myself shape-shifted into the storm itself.

“My intention had been to transfigure into Storm’s divinity-maybe I have and maybe I haven’t-but I can feel Storm Spirit’s energy and personality. Its power is dazzling, and I am moved by the beauty of its lightning and tornadic fingers. As part of the storm, I can feel an intense desire to contact the earth. I feel a sense of searching for where to touch ground, for those places where energy is lacking or where there is too much power locked up. I realize how the intense rains connect the storm to earth. I revel in the storm’s ecstasy of carrying out its purpose for being. At last I fully return to myself, still in Grandfather’s domain. As I thank him, he repeats, “All you can do is to honor…” “

That is a quote from Weather Shamanism, by Nan Moss with David Corbin, subtitled Harmonizing Our Connection With the Elements. It can be very informative to one who is new to this subject. However, for actually working with weather, Peter Calhoun’s Soul on Fire was one of those books that jumped off the shelf at me, knocked my socks off, and left me in awe.

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