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Dream Dimensions

Years ago I had a dream experience I haven’t forgotten. [The dream itself may be in my dream log... I've forgotten what it was. ] During the dream, I realized I wanted to remember it. I  stepped aside, so was also observing this process.

What I experienced in the dream felt completely natural…in that state. It didn’t seem complex at all. Yet when I decided I was going to remember it in my conscious state, I watched and participated as the dream was funnelled to my conscious mind. It was as if the elements of the dream went into the funnel, and what came out the bottom were ideas that my mind could accept. Much that went into the top of the funnel had no words or concepts that I could record. So out of the funnel came words or concepts that I could accept or wait for another “interpretation”.

Writing the dream record, I knew what I wrote was the best I could describe it with the words and concepts available to me at that time. But what was most striking was the fact that over 95% of what I experienced “there” is something that simply will not translate into known concepts or words.

While it may be a little bit frustrating at times to not bring back all I experience, the knowledge that on some level I do experience it, is wonderful.

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