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Forgotten Feelings

“Most of us have forgotten what it’s like to really feel. We know what anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, hysteria, jealousy, boredom, happiness, excitement, and embarrassment is. These are but a few of our human emotions. But they are not feelings. They are more like agitated states of mind. To feel is to move and to dance to the rhythms of our heart. To feel our lives, every inch of it, is to experience the divine. From the agony to the ecstasy, it’s all an expression of what is holy within. Our heart is the chalice that holds the sacred elixir of life. To drink deeply of its wisdom and its achingly beautiful grace, is to know God.”


“This is where many of us fear to tread. We think we won’t survive our feelings, our power, our worthiness. But we will. It is written. It is our destiny. The world of duality, the only one most of us have ever known, is coming to an end. And it’s ending in our minds. No, the earth is not going to explode and disappear. It is ending through the power of our minds to create something else. Something based on new beliefs about what and who we are. Something that feels more like oneness and unity, and less like fear and separation. As we move into this new awareness, like magic, our eyes will begin to see a new world. It is here the ancient prophecy of old telling of a new world, a new people, will come to light. It is US. It is WE. We are emerging from the chrysalis of transformation to a freedom beyond our wildest imagination… “

The entire article is here, and Heather Fraser’s site here.

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