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Roviat’s new clothes

Arrow and I have been busy the past few days with the site redesign. I liked the old colors, and may convert this theme to them as we find time. Everything is still here… I think it might be more accessible in this style. I also converted to the Feedburner feed; it appears to be working, plus it has the option for posts to be sent as emails, if you prefer that option. Still, if you are not getting your feeds, let me know…. or if things don’t appear right in your browser. I had some trouble with Firefox displaying correctly, but think we’ve got that straightened out.

There are still a few more changes to make, a few sidebar widgets to get sorted out, and a new contact page. Any suggestions welcome, of course.

Arrow’s self assigned part in this [which he fulfilled admirably] was to allow me no more than 2 hours of computer time between dog games or walks. That is his way of making sure I keep my head clear.

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