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Find Something New, Daily

For spiritual growth, the importance of finding new horizons…. new perspective, is important. Whether it is looking at an old problem in a new way, or seeing something you’ve never seen before, benefits can be reaped. Spirituality is not a closed system, it is a dynamic interactive multi-way flow between the individual and the entire universes. We have crafted exactly what we are today, and will craft exactly what we will be tomorrow.

Here is a quote from Richard Bartlett’s The Physics of Miracles:

“If you have a tumor or condition, a disease, or whatever, it has the potential to be healed instantly. Transformation is a miraculous process that can transcend what you think of as the laws of physics. Here’s the point: miracles operate outside your normal reference for reality. They happen all the time, but we sometimes miss them because we habitually focus on what’s still the same— on what’s familiar and what we know and believe consciously. We would have a lot more miracles in our lives if we simply began to notice what is different or new!”

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