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This Evolving World

Wow, Mother Nature seems to have pulled a fast one this time…. from summer to early winter here. It seems like it, anyway… from singlet and shorts to gloves and earmuffs in a very short time. She is absolutely gorgeous, tho, with her growing carpet of leaves. Arrow has been especially frisky lately… he slept thru much of summer’s heat. Kat has returned from a month on the east coast with visions of her own website [so I’ll be busy! Will let you know when it gets off the ground.

The other day I was asked what I thought about predicted changes here on earth.

From my current perspective:

  • The earth herself is evolving to a more refined level. To some extent, this can be assisted or hindered by mankind; assisted when mankind opens his heart and his love to himself, his fellow beings, and the earth.
  • Mankind itself is reaching\has reached a level where it can evolve to a degree not seen here in eons, and relatively quickly, at that. My feeling is that it will not necessarily be a sudden dramatic alteration, but a somewhat more gradual dimensional shift…. perhaps with some people not even aware of it.
  • Currently on earth are not just old souls, but ancient ones. Part of their work is to demonstrate the innate abilities mankind has always possessed, but rarely used. Some of them are already finding and demonstrating such abilities.
  • Already on the earth now are the children. They be currently “classified” as Indigo, Crystalline, Rainbow, Starseed, or whatever, but they too are preparing…. each with their own talents that are\will come into play to assist the earth and humanity. And there are some pretty amazing kids here!

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