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Zero Point Energy and Miracles

Fall has definitely arrived here in its’ coolness and colors. As Arrow and I were walking thru the woods yesterday, it was one of those sensitive, awe filled moments…. it seemed as if we were caressed by the auras of the trees…

Work is being done, largely behind the scenes, on zero point energy for our physical world. Richard Bartlett is coming at it from a different angle. In his book Matrix Energetics he introduced his Two Point Method of healing. His second book, The Physics of Miracles [Tapping into The Field of Consciousness Potential] just arrived. In this second book he expands on what he taught in Matrix Energetics.

Dr Claude Swanson, author of The synchronized Universe, says:

“Bartlett’s revolutionary healing techniques suggest that physics is missing something. When consciousness interact with matter, surprising effects occur which defy current science. We used to call them miracles. His work awakens to a new physics of parallel realities, not as an abstract theory but as a way to live fully and achieve our dreams. His work shows that we are truly co-creators of our experience.”

If they don’t expand your horizons, these two books are at the least entertaining; they are sometimes funny, sometimes awe inspiring reading.

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