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by Clark Little

by Clark Little

As we awake from our sleep of millenia, we discover items that no longer fit easily into our previous ways of thinking, of feeling. Perhaps it is our accustomed method to fight dearly for what is so familiar to us. Or, perhaps we can easily dissolve an old mindset — put it on the shelf for a while — as we try the new. Life is about the new; about expanding our experiences and creativity.

I have long felt that my soul is enormously knowledgeable; and holds a seeming infinity of love. Yet that was my soul. I have longed for the permanent conscious experience that I’ve experienced is there. As opposed to here.

Slowly it has dawned on me that ‘There’ and ‘here’ are something I have to bring together. It does no good waiting for Soul to share what it holds. I have to make the conscious effort during my days to know and act as if I am my Soul… as if there were no division… no “me” and “him”.

So, to let that old mindset slip away….

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