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Winter arrived with some strength…. with temps from 12-30 degrees…. for two weeks here in our southern Oregon valley. Then nearly two weeks of 40-55 degree weather, with a few dandelions to discover in our walks. Tonight is back to freezing for a while. Snow again to just above the valley floor. We’ve still got some amazing broccoli in the garden that I’m nibbling from, and the last dozen of the greenpicked tomatoes are about ripe in the house. The avacodo plant that I “saved” from the compost bin is now here in the shed with me. I’ve no idea if it will survive the winters here, much less ever bear fruit. It is getting special TLC…. several others grew in the garden; they will winter outside. Arrow is 3 today, and much more settled than a year ago. It was ice cream and homemade cookies all around.

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