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From the angelic council 1/12/10

The following is from our old friend, Connie.

Small Magellanic Cloud

“A download is available from Ariel. This download of energy is a file that will open as soon as you process it and open yourself. To allow the energy from the binary recoding that took place universally over the last 2 days, opening the brain to produce the
neurological messages to all the glands to produce hormones at optimal level you need the download , sunshine and a little processing time.
This a simple step of being in the sunshine and opening your body, mind and spirit to the one-ness that is. Awareness of this transformation is delightful but won’t be like I HAVE THROWN THE SWITCH AND NOW
EVERYTHING IS WORKING IN MY BODY. It will be more like huh, after only a few minutes I feel, stronger somehow. After an hour, my sinuses feel clearer, after 4-5 hours my heart feels lighter. After maybe 12 hours my stomach and intestines feel a little griggly and everything feels as if it’s moving thru very easily. After 24 hours the systems start integrating their individual changes,
that’s when it really gets powerful. Have fun with it no rules just allow the little conduit in front of the crown chakra and just up into the hairline from the third eye chakra connecting the sunlight to the pineal gland to start all the activity. This coding will make big changes in the world as it makes them in you.

love and blessings from the angels and me

Connie V

Connie’s site is here.

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