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Quiet Winter

Winter is a time to slow from the activity of the summer. The garden still slumbers under blankets of mulch and leaves. A few early bulb shoots peek out. When it rains, I generally fish a few worms out of Arrow’s outside water dish. I think they are attracted to the warmer metal. Over to the compost pile for them. Still, life is full. The great grandkids are here most days. The youngest, Landon, is three, and loves to pick things up. Which is generally ok. I just don’t know where I’m going to find them. He is a cyclone of energy. Skyler is a year older, already into his little computer games. Kat is very content to the babysitting… she is far more family oriented than I’ve ever been. She has taught this lone wolf a heap about relationships.

Lately when I’m not engraving rocks, I’ve been messing with beta software, Themeframe and Headway. They are both WordPress website making programs, and are attempting great leaps forward in site design. Very interesting.

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