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Dreams of late…

Our “warm” nites have gone back to frosty, and days are gorgeous, sunny, with puffy brilliant clouds. Daffodils are glowing yellow. The willows have tiny leaves, and a few cherry trees are beginning to blossom. Tiny violets can be found in the lawn, which got it’s first clipping today. And our amazing broccoli is still fruiting. Yesterday we had a drive in the mountains, and even at 3000 feet early Spring is evident. I love it.

Whether they are dreams of other life memories or nitely travels to other planets/dimensions, I’m not sure, but the past few months have had a few of them.

Of note to me was that on another planet I was explaining my relationship with my companion [there and currently] as wife and ****. The **** just would not translate for me in the dream…. it was a blank space. That was enuf to wake me up. When I asked Kat about it the next morning, she confirmed **** denoted a special relationship, and that the language was mainly telepathic, with some “thin” high sound.

My soul seems to have some knowledge of “advanced” tools from other places/times/dimensions. I’ve dreamed of learning/working with 5-6 different devices that we may see in the not so distant future when mankind grows a bit more. One was like a netbook that could be used for holograms [which I currently know very little about].

Another was similar in shape to an Ipod. The user could select the essence of a particular type of tree… say a white pine, press a button, and there would be that white pine, growing right next to you. That has to be my favorite device I’ve dreamt so far. What a quick way to reforest our planet!

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