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Golden Ratios

It has been a very mild winter here in the valley. Already a few trees are budding, and the willows have a distinct green cast. Arrow and I saw our first blooming crocuses yesterday, and the grass is already getting shaggy. The few freezing nites in December were not enuf to finish it off. Blueberries are budding also, and new leafs are beginning from the raspberries. Cloudy days and rainfall have been occasional, with the latter still below average.

The Golden Ration, science will find, underlies all of nature [except where man has altered it]. The ancients knew of this relationship, and built accordingly. Even in the Middle Ages, Michaelangelo followed  these proportions… his painting and drawings are a most pleasing design to the human eye. The Egyptions earlier had worked not only with the two dimensional drawings, but pushed it into the third dimension with their pyramids.

Now the results of this should be the stuff of modern legends… not relegated books and wikipedia. What power is there in a specified length, such as a royal cubit?

If that cubit is designed into a golden ration pyramid, and that pyramid sharpens [or at least preserves the sharpness of a metal edge], if that pyramid also enhances food and water, if sitting in that pyramid enhances meditation and mental acuity, what are we waiting for?

We have become accustomed to living in boxes of no significant dimensions. Sounds and energies bounce willy nilly off walls and corners. What if we build a house based on the golden mean proportions? Could we not then enjoy the enhanced energy of that shape? A spherical house, or any of the “sacred” shapes would be a definite improvement as far as internal energy goes, and each holds its own particular energy.

Modern science has not yet really begun to tap this ancient awareness. But they are waking up to clues. Recent information from the Helmholtz Association of Germany indicates that the Golden Mean even applies to the atomic level. Linked magnetic atoms of cobalt niobate  resonated at the Golden Mean ratio of 1.618. Detailed info here. More here on Divine Proportions.

Perhaps it is no wonder that modern man sees chaos in the universe, when he’s not aware of intrinsic order….

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