Dog & his boyLiving in the Flower Power years had it’s effect on me, much of which I didn’t recognize until later. It showed me that people can live outside the box in their thinking, emotions, and ways of life…. and that was perfectly valid. Yet it wasn’t until the mid 70′s when I made my own move… into spiritualities and dimensions other than Christian based. Now, the discoveries keep on coming… and I’m loving it! To me it is just marvelous what happens when one is willing to extend her\his horizons.

Putting these discoveries into practice isn’t always as easy as it could be, but for me it is far more soul satisfying than the frustration of attempting to maintain a status quo. Personal discoveries and their use seems to equate to personal growth…that is where I’m at, this moment.

Perhaps even in these writings I can make discoveries……..

Kat and I live in Phoenix, Oregon, having moved from the Seattle area late last year… at least partially to be with the great grandkids. She makes “energy” jewelry, [channels energy into semiprecious stones], while I sandblast designs on stone and glass. We’ve both done a bit of painting…she in acrylics… my preference is oils.

I work with larger stones, sandblasting [see www.starcrystal.com] and a little carving. Currently I’m exploring with copper shapes and energy. Arrow and I usually get out twice a day for walks along Bear Creek, or a bike ride.


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    Hi Rob,
    Just wanted to say thank you for posting a link to my website on your blog. How did you come to find my website?
    All the best…