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The use of energy….

From The Last Hope on Earth

This is a quote from Peter Calhoun’s ebook The Last Hope on Earth. He has also written Soul on Fire, and another ebook is just available, Life Without Limits.

 Intention and perception are the twin powers that will open you up to a new way of being.
To “need” something repels it or pushes it away. To “try” to make something happen can be very
“trying,” using up valuable energy. Instead of being needy, let it be the heart’s desire that
“attracts.” Sometimes great effort is not what is needed. On a lower level, some things can be
achieved through great effort. But as one advances non-effort is more powerful. Meditate on the
Buddhist idea of the “effortless effort.” “Being” nearly always trumps “doing.”

To this world, bring light– a smile, a word– every day. This changes the universe.

Tom Kenyon on the Solar Winds

Tom Kenyon writes of the solar wind and evolution.Continue Reading

Dragons: Shapeshifters released

The heat of summer dissipated rather quickly this year… temps plunged quickly from the 90s-100s to the 60s-70s in the matter of a few days. And it looks like it will stay that way. Already oaks and a few other local trees are beginning to loose some leaves. It has been a somewhat busy summer; more »