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From The Last Hope on Earth

This is a quote from Peter Calhoun’s ebook The Last Hope on Earth. He has also written Soul on Fire, and another ebook is just available, Life Without Limits.

 Intention and perception are the twin powers that will open you up to a new way of being.
To “need” something repels it or pushes it away. To “try” to make something happen can be very
“trying,” using up valuable energy. Instead of being needy, let it be the heart’s desire that
“attracts.” Sometimes great effort is not what is needed. On a lower level, some things can be
achieved through great effort. But as one advances non-effort is more powerful. Meditate on the
Buddhist idea of the “effortless effort.” “Being” nearly always trumps “doing.”

KatnCo now up

Some of you have been asking about Kat’s new Jewelry site. We’ve been working on  KatnCo the past few weeks, and it is finally live, including the shopping cart. The site is presently about 50% finished… all the photos will be retaken in the next week, I think, and I’ll get them up as quickly more »

Quiet Winter

Winter is a time to slow from the activity of the summer. The garden still slumbers under blankets of mulch and leaves. A few early bulb shoots peek out. When it rains, I generally fish a few worms out of Arrow’s outside water dish. I think they are attracted to the warmer metal. Over to more »

Merry Christmas!

And a very good new year to you all!