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“Truth is a matter of the imagination.” -Ursula K LeGuin

Perhaps I like “Truth is a matter of what the imagination will accept” a bit more.

The Ringing Cedars of Russia

Another crystal clear day, after nitely drizzle, with snow again on the lower hills. Arrow mooched half my bacon this morning, and is getting to be a little chunker…. despite our twice daily walks.

I’ve recently discovered the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. Truly marvelous. In 1996 Vladimir Megre began them after an “accidental” meeting with a remarkable young lady from Russia’s interior. In them he recounts his conversations and interactions with her. immensely popular in Russia, they have been translated into English recently, and bring into the light much practical\spiritual information that has been lost from public knowledge for ages. This quote from Anastasia on the flyleaf:

“Way back in ancient times people living on the Earth had the capacity to use wisdom and intelligence far surpassing the abilities of modern Man. People at the time of the Earth’s pristine origins enjoyed ready access to all the information in the entire database of the Universe.”

These books are a wonderful read, illuminating Anastasia’s perspective of our past, present, future, and what we can do to enhance our lives.

Find Something New, Daily

For spiritual growth, the importance of finding new horizons…. new perspective, is important. Whether it is looking at an old problem in a new way, or seeing something you’ve never seen before, benefits can be reaped. Spirituality is not a closed system, it is a dynamic interactive multi-way flow between the individual and the entire universes. We have crafted exactly what we are today, and will craft exactly what we will be tomorrow.

Here is a quote from Richard Bartlett’s The Physics of Miracles:

“If you have a tumor or condition, a disease, or whatever, it has the potential to be healed instantly. Transformation is a miraculous process that can transcend what you think of as the laws of physics. Here’s the point: miracles operate outside your normal reference for reality. They happen all the time, but we sometimes miss them because we habitually focus on what’s still the same— on what’s familiar and what we know and believe consciously. We would have a lot more miracles in our lives if we simply began to notice what is different or new!”

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Reality is not the same for any two people…. we do not “inhabit” the same reality. While agreed upon parts of reality may seem to overlap, the deeper one investigates this “shared” reality, the more differences are found.

Comparatively, my reality may be your fantasy; Henry’s nightmare; Diane’s Eden.

Each reality has been cultivated since birth, and each can be altered, reshaped, by that individual’s choice. One’s reality is always shaped by choice… even selecting a “passive” choice is actually an active choice.

And choice is that from what all change as well as all realities come.