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Life’s Quality

Life is all about choice and experience. Quality choices lead to a quality, fulfilling life. Poor choices can lead to a lot of frustration. Coupled with choice seems to be the way we look at our lives. Seeing our world as an a corrupt experience can be indicative of how we unconsciously view ourselves. Seeing the world as an exquisite learning adventure also reflects how we view our own reality. In other words, if the world is not up to our standards, then let’s check out our standards.

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The Mystic and Mysticism

As the mystic is one who has some experience and understanding of All That Is, so that which is called mysticism is simply the way the universes work. Invariably, those with deep mystical experience live, for an all too short moment, a love which is enormously profound and unconditional. They may also experience the marvelous interrelatedness and consciousness of every iota of creation.

Perhaps mysticism is a rare state for modern humanity, yet it is the state from which we came. Since then, we have experienced much, learned much… not the least of which is what it is like to not remember our source… our connectedness.

Slowly, ever so slowly, we are beginning to remember…. to return to that state of awareness.

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The belief in cultural religions is often a basic need of those who fear their spiritual internal energy.
Putting the god energy outside the self is necessary for those who feel unworthy. Beliefs are personal. It’s futile to argue about it. Simply live your life and let them live theirs.
In the end the truth will be revealed to them.

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Chaotic Nodes

There is quite an interesting article via Tom Kenyon over at Spirit of Maat on earth changes and humanity.

Any energetic system that shifts to higher or lower orders of coherency passes through chaotic events in its journey to a new resting energy state. Your earth is no exception to this.

With this in mind, we anticipate a planetary increase in chaotic events. By this we mean that a large-scale chaotic event(s) is near. We call such events, “Chaotic Nodes.” They are a precursor to geometric progressions of chaotic events, and you are at the threshold of such a node.

“Chaotic Nodes” are actually crests in quantum wave potential driven by the interaction of many energetic domains simultaneously.

The entire article is here.