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Walter Russell

Few individuals have touched the interface of the Universe and recorded with such clarity. Walter Russell’s “The Electric Nature of the Universe” and Glenn Clark’s “The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe” will brief you in on this modern day mystic. Here are a few of his quotes. For more, see Steps Ahead.

“Beauty is perfection of rhythm, balanced perfection of rhythm. Everything in Nature is expressed by rhythmic waves of light. Every thought and action is a light-wave of thought and action. If one interprets the God within one, one’s thoughts and actions must be balanced rhythmic waves. Ugliness, fears, failures and diseases arise from unbalanced thoughts and actions. Therefore think beauty always if one desire vitality of body and happiness.”

“I therefore say to you that tiredness and fatigue are effects caused by ignorance of Nature and disobedience to her inexorable law. You may command Nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her. You cannot intelligently obey that which you do not comprehend. Therefore I also say, ask of Nature that you may be one with her and she will whisper her secrets to you to the extent in which you are prepared to listen. Seek to be alone much to commune with Nature and be thus inspired by her mighty whisperings within your consciousness. Nature is a most jealous god, for she will not whisper her inspiring revelations to you unless you are absolutely alone with her.”

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Another World

Imagine this:

  • A planet where there is no vibration.
  • Because of the lack of vibration, there is no ability to communicate.
  • You can incarnate here, but with the understanding that what you will become aware of will not be accessible when the incarnation is over. You will be like granules on a vast desert.
  • You and a dear friend accept the conditions, incarnate on this planet.
  • You are now incarnate, your friend beside you… leaning against you. Yet there is no way to sense your friend… no communication whatsoever.
  • You are in a crystalline form… and you know EVERYTHING.

What can be learned from this?

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Truth and Horizons

It occurred to me today how linked my Truth and my Horizons are. Truth does not expand to grow in fullness unless my personal horizons also expand. Setting in motion the intent [the mind] and the desire [the heart] results in an ever expanding spiral of truth and furthering horizons. More and more of the order of the universe becomes known, experienced, and understood the further along the spiral we travel. And this is not something that we can control…. rather, to surrender, to allow, and flow with it is the only game that works. 

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Perhaps since the dawn of man there have been those who have had a greater awareness of all that is. They are witness to approaching crossroads of humanity’s paths. Some speak; some do not. Some rely on intuition, some experience clairvoyance or dreams.

For some, it has not been a comfortable experience for various reasons.

A primary requisite for prophecy is clarity of being. The more one knows oneself, has developed an impartial love, and is aware of the interconnectedness of all things– the fewer filters there are that interpret or slant the information gained towards any specific direction.

Determining the “validity” of a prophecy one must take into account not only the filters thru which it come, but also choice. Choice is dynamic–every moment yields countless options, some far from the direction of the prophecy. This is as true for individuals as it is for nations or worlds.

A prophesy that “does not come true” does not necessarily indicate a “false” prophecy. It can be that the prophet tuned into an alternate reality. Or perhaps the individual[s] for whom the prophecy was given took choices which led them down different paths. Thus this apparently untrue prophecy would still be valid… in another reality.

Prophesies are simply tools. They may be useful or not… acted upon, or not. Prophecies are simply one tool in toolbox of unlimited choices as we explore all that Is.