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Horizons are made for comfort, then to be extended.

Reach for what you dimly perceive.

Life’s Drama

Drama exerts the hurts to a painful pitch so that we notice.

Thought Effects

2 Dec 08

Our individual universes [our selfs] are filled with thoughts, designed by thoughts, created by thoughts. Yet we have not generally been trained in this area, have not explored the depth and heights of the possibilities or potentials. In later childhood thoughts begin to flow in set patterns. As young adults we may explore new ideas, but how we react to those new ideas will tend to follow our already established patterns of thought. Truly we are but dimly aware of the connection between our thoughts and the way we perceive the world around us. The desire for, say, a new vehicle can be a worthwhile thought, but what happens to that thought when we next think, “Well, I don’t have enuf resources,” or, “I can’t afford that”, or “I’ve got too many other bills.” That seems to be instant negation of the original thought. How much of our day do we spend like this; negating one thought after another? I find it very enlightening to watch for this patterning in myself…