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Dragons Own Site

Dragons-Shapeshifters now has its own site: There is much more info there than I put in the last post, so check it out. I’ll be tidying it up a bit, and probably adding more stuff in the next week or two.

Here, we have three days of scattered showers and thunderstorms. The rain is wonderful after the dry, hot summer… it smelt so fine! But Arrow has a thing about firecrackers and thunder. He is a bit big to be a lap dog, but he managed. He had forgotten about windscreen wipers, and wanted to chase them when we went out driving the last few days… bonked his nose on the windscreen several times.

Roviat’s new clothes

Arrow and I have been busy the past few days with the site redesign. I liked the old colors, and may convert this theme to them as we find time. Everything is still here… I think it might be more accessible in this style. I also converted to the Feedburner feed; it appears to be more »