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To this world, bring light– a smile, a word– every day. This changes the universe.

A New Hathor Planetary Message

Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning, Neurotoxins, Bacteria and VirusesContinue Reading

Our Earth Mother

I think the Earth Mother is so incredibly fine. When I consider that every minute part of my physical being came from her… is maintained by her sustenance… that is an awe-full feeling indeed to me. With what can she sustain us when we taint her being?

KatnCo now up

Some of you have been asking about Kat’s new Jewelry site. We’ve been working on  KatnCo the past few weeks, and it is finally live, including the shopping cart. The site is presently about 50% finished… all the photos will be retaken in the next week, I think, and I’ll get them up as quickly more »