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Energy to Plants

12/Aug/2008 22:21 According to the dragons, [alchemic] energy can be used to enhance a plant’s development. When I questioned the “ethics” of this when not knowing if Mother Earth had different plans for that species, they suggested, “Let the energy serve the planet.” In other words, when advancing the development of a plant, set the more »

Ancient Shaman

4/Jan/2008 21:22 Several nites ago, sitting in the shed, I began writing and received the following meditation. I realized later it seems to be a derivative on a rewrite that Grandfather did for me last year. Stand with feet on the ground, head in the air. [Think as if you are one of the first more »


12/Aug/2008 23:39 Regarding Windwalker [another lifetime from another planet... also a guide], “Accept the wind. Stand and in meditation…feel and focus on wind… explore feelings.”