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The Goddess Within

Heather Fraser on recognizing the goddess within.Continue Reading

Quiet Winter

Winter is a time to slow from the activity of the summer. The garden still slumbers under blankets of mulch and leaves. A few early bulb shoots peek out. When it rains, I generally fish a few worms out of Arrow’s outside water dish. I think they are attracted to the warmer metal. Over to more »

When You Love….

Since Christmas, the weather has warmed considerably…. hasn’t frozen since then, and was up to 62 yesterday. Many overcast days with light rain, so the land is finally getting a good supply of moisture. Arrow is collecting a good supply of friends now… schoolkids that walk by after school. About a dozen different ones come more »

From the angelic council 1/12/10

The following is from our old friend, Connie. “A download is available from Ariel. This download of energy is a file that will open as soon as you process it and open yourself. To allow the energy from the binary recoding that took place universally over the last 2 days, opening the brain to produce more »