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The Alchemy of Dance

Sacred Dance

Stories of how people discovered their way fascinate me. Leslie Zehr’s drew me for the recounting, but also for her subject matter… dancing Mother Earth’s energy… and thus our energy.

“I came upon this experience by “chance.” One evening I was dancing and noticed that as I moved around the room I could feel different energy patterns emanating from the ground. Curious, I continued to move around the room. I realized that I could “dance the room.” I then did this with music as well and realized that every wave pattern was present in the music. It became easy to coordinate the energy pattern emanating from the room with the music and the movement. In this case, the energy pattern was the guide as it lead me through the space. The possibilities are infinite.”

That, and the following, are available here.

“For anyone who has not danced with the Universe, it is a beautiful and creative experience. Training will elevate the experience but anyone can peek behind the curtain. Just find some primal, tribal, heavy drum music; turn off the lights; and, like the bat, just follow your radar and fly!”

Those quotes are from an article she published on another site. I had hoped to see them in her new book “The Alchemy of Dance”, but she does share other bits of how she came to dance the earth. Leslie introduces the hows of earth dancing… clearing the body to run earth energy. She makes it so easy one wonders how we ever forgot this essential ingredient of our lives. For me the book and her work are very heartworthy.

I had never thought of earth dancing the way Leslie describes it. Whilst her aim is assisting women in rediscovering their earth connection and their bodies thru dance, I’ve learned quite a bit from her writings. The males among us might well broaden horizons reading thru her material. I’ve come across nothing similar for us guys. Her site is and The Alchemy of Dance seems to be available thru major booksellers.

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