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From The Last Hope on Earth

This is a quote from Peter Calhoun’s ebook The Last Hope on Earth. He has also written Soul on Fire, and another ebook is just available, Life Without Limits.

 Intention and perception are the twin powers that will open you up to a new way of being.
To “need” something repels it or pushes it away. To “try” to make something happen can be very
“trying,” using up valuable energy. Instead of being needy, let it be the heart’s desire that
“attracts.” Sometimes great effort is not what is needed. On a lower level, some things can be
achieved through great effort. But as one advances non-effort is more powerful. Meditate on the
Buddhist idea of the “effortless effort.” “Being” nearly always trumps “doing.”

Dragons Own Site

Dragons-Shapeshifters now has its own site: www.dragons.roviat.com. There is much more info there than I put in the last post, so check it out. I’ll be tidying it up a bit, and probably adding more stuff in the next week or two.

Here, we have three days of scattered showers and thunderstorms. The rain is wonderful after the dry, hot summer… it smelt so fine! But Arrow has a thing about firecrackers and thunder. He is a bit big to be a lap dog, but he managed. He had forgotten about windscreen wipers, and wanted to chase them when we went out driving the last few days… bonked his nose on the windscreen several times.

Dragons: Shapeshifters released

The heat of summer dissipated rather quickly this year… temps plunged quickly from the 90s-100s to the 60s-70s in the matter of a few days. And it looks like it will stay that way. Already oaks and a few other local trees are beginning to loose some leaves. It has been a somewhat busy summer; Kat has been canning tomatoes until the weather slowed their growth. And I think I’m about ready to resume here after the summer hiatus.

Kat, with our friends Ruth and Connie, have authored their new book Dragons:  Shapeshifters. I’ll be putting up a new page about it in the next few days. It can be ordered thru Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and most likely thru your local bookstore.

The Ringing Cedars of Russia

Another crystal clear day, after nitely drizzle, with snow again on the lower hills. Arrow mooched half my bacon this morning, and is getting to be a little chunker…. despite our twice daily walks.

I’ve recently discovered the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. Truly marvelous. In 1996 Vladimir Megre began them after an “accidental” meeting with a remarkable young lady from Russia’s interior. In them he recounts his conversations and interactions with her. immensely popular in Russia, they have been translated into English recently, and bring into the light much practical\spiritual information that has been lost from public knowledge for ages. This quote from Anastasia on the flyleaf:

“Way back in ancient times people living on the Earth had the capacity to use wisdom and intelligence far surpassing the abilities of modern Man. People at the time of the Earth’s pristine origins enjoyed ready access to all the information in the entire database of the Universe.”

These books are a wonderful read, illuminating Anastasia’s perspective of our past, present, future, and what we can do to enhance our lives.