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Path of the Guru

If you follow the path of a guru, avatar or savior understand that you are entering into his/her heaven, her/his vibratory attainment, and by necessity you enter also into his/her limitations in consciousness.

—author unknown

To this world, bring light– a smile, a word– every day.

This changes the universe.

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“Truth is a matter of the imagination.” -Ursula K LeGuin

Perhaps I like “Truth is a matter of what the imagination will accept” a bit more.

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Getting Unstuck

It feels like mid-spring here. Daffs and tulips still bloom, as do the fruit trees, yet not all trees are showing leaf.

Kat, Ruth, and Connie have finished their book, “Dragons”, subtitled “Shapeshifters”. I’ve been busy doing some editing on that lately. It is an interesting experience working a publishing company… even a small one. The book will be out later this year.

I seem to be one to get “stuck” on my path every now and then.  By and large, a day or two seems to take care of it. I came across a tip from Veronica which immediately struck home.

Your soul, infinite in its existance, chooses physical reality as an opportunity to participate in creation. All spiritual energy feels the desire of expression whether in nonphysical or physical. The level of participation may vary but ultimately that creative process aligns your soul, enhancing its connection with all that vibrates in reality.

So, if you are feeling stuck in your focus being an omnipotent energy in a physical form…. create… anything….. Bring forth a part of your soul no matter how simplistic it may feel.

Allow your soulful energy to unfurl itself while igniting your thoughts creatively to bring in a spiritual creation to this reality.

This alignment not only will be a fulfillment to your dimension but will also move stagnant energy within you…. This allowing will bring better manifestation to your reality.

The feeling of being stuck may dissipate giving you a chance to reconnect with physical & yourself.

Create what, you ask.

The answer lies between a simple endeavor to a complex one. It’s your energy that will define it. Breathe new life into your self and ride the wave of creative power that is within all of you.

It may be dulled from inappropriate outside influence but indeed it is still there. Reach down deeply and reconnect to whatever your soul resonates with.

It will make a difference.

Creation is the fuel of the soul & its expression.


More, from and about Veronica, can be found here.